Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. “The Incredible Mr. Brisby”

At first glance, “The Incredible Mr. Brisby” seems like a bit of a throwaway episode – unlike most of the Season One Venture Bros. episodes we’ve been watching, it doesn’t introduce any major characters and we don’t really see the important players in this episode ever again.  But even though it’s not clear right way, two major Venture plot elements first appear here.  Namely, it’s the first mention of cloning and the first episode to reference David Bowie.  It’s going to be a slow build on both of those things, but Bowie and clones are cornerstones of the Venture-verse.

And of course, this is the first actual, in-person appearance of Molotov Cocktease.  It’s kind of weird that she first appeared before mainstays like 21 and Billy Quizboy, isn’t it?  Anyway, let’s get to the recap.  There’s a panda involved!

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