Venture Bros.

Venture Brothers – Bright Lights, Dean City – Venture Bro

Last week, we saw how Hank spent his summer. (shudder) This week, we follow Dean on his New York internship. The Revenge Society makes its move, Doc finds a new passion, and special guest Nathan Fillion plays the Spider-Man guy who we were all excited about after seeing the Season 4.5 trailer. Oh, and a new song replaces the Butter-Glider song in my heart.

I can’t wait to get to Brick Frog, so let’s add another returning character to the Dossier and then get to it.

Cody – Cody, who first appeared in Season One’s “Ice Station Impossible” is Richard Impossible’s brother-in-law. He’s the Human Torch of the Impossibles, without any of the benefits. Contact with oxygen causes him to combust, but he’s not invulnerable to his own flames. He’s in constant agony, as he spends every moment of his life on fire. Richard used to keep him in suspended animation in a low-oxygen environment, but as he’s getting more evil, he’s started exploiting the poor guy as a source of cheap energy.

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