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Venture Brothers – “Handsome Ransom” Venture Bro

I have to say that as a recapper, I’m thrilled that this week’s Venture Bros. had a linear timeline. And as a Venture historian, I’m excited that we finally laid eyes on Captain Sunshine this week. Not only is he our first onscreen evidence of superheroes in the Venture-verse, but he was referenced as far back as Season One. And the good Captain was voiced by none other than Batman, which is pretty much the best thing ever.
Before breaking the episode down, I have to say that the first time through, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as usual. I’m not a fan of the pedophile gags, and the first half of this episode was populated with some really crude and obvious bits. Of course, most of those were justified later (the lube in particular was genius), so on a second viewing, I liked it much better. I might be way off here, but I saw Captain Sunshine as a commentary on Michael Jackson (this episode was written before his death) – he’s famous and powerful, and doesn’t quite get how social interaction really works. And it doesn’t hurt that the Sanctum Solarium (a reference to Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, by the way) looks quite a bit like Neverland. I don’t think the good Captain ever laid a hand on Wonder Boy, but he loved him in a way that most people can’t quite identify with. I just want to get my interpretation out of the way before the recap proper, since it colors my interpretation of most of his scenes.
I’m still trying to figure out the best way to handle Venture recaps. This week, I’ll look at each scene individually, point out the continuity and references, and then take a broad look afterwards. If everybody likes that, that’s the format I’ll stick with. Like the late Dr. Dugong, I am desperate for your love.

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