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Venture Brothers – Operation PROM – Part 1, Venture Bro

And we’ve reached the end of Season Four, the longest Venture Bros. season yet.  Appropriately, it ends with the longest single episode yet, a one-hour behemoth utilizing all of the major players and wrapping up a lot of loose threads.

Since these Dossiers tend to run ridiculously long, I’m splitting this one up into two parts.  I’ll get more specific with part two, but I think this episode was absolutely amazing.  Not only in terms of the humor and action scenes, but in the way that all sorts of throwaways from the season played out in the end.  The OSI mole, Molotov Cocktease’s endgame, Billy and White’s TRON cycle, even the strange construction of the mountain road outside the Venture Compound.  And while I was initially disappointed that the Revenge Squad didn’t figure into the finale, what they actually did was something much more interesting than another “everybody vs. Phantom Limb” finale.  When you watch it all together, which I will be doing, it’s just a perfect example of how you build a season.   And with that said, let’s get to the recap!

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