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Ladies and gentlemen, Brock Samson!
You know what this season had really been missing up to the point? Guys just covered in the blood of their enemies, that’s what. This week’s episode was full of “Hell, Yeah!” moments, whether it was Brock punching two dudes to death at the same time, Billy Quizboy finally getting a little bit of respect, 24’s ghost, the first onscreen appearance of Monstroso, or the team-up of Brock and 21. Heck, even Shore Leave got to kick some ass. The mid-season finale was fantastic, and answered several lingering questions, including establishing just what SPHINX is doing.
Since the key players this week are either making their first appearance, or have been written up in past Dossiers, there’s only one character I can add, and that’s only for historical significance.
Speedy – The henchman who shows up as a ghost near the end of the episode made his first (and up until now, only) appearance in the first episode, “La Dia De Los Dangerous”. (The original pilot, “The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay” isn’t considered to be in continuity. The more you know…) He was a rookie henchman, strangled by Brock on his very first day. In fact, even after the other henchmen tranquilized Brock, he didn’t release his death grip on the kid, and the henchmen had to mercy-kill Speedy. Poor, poor Speedy.
And with that obviously important information out of the way, let’s get into “Pinstripes and Poltergeists”!

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