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Venture Brothers – “Return to Malice” Venture Bro

This week’s episode of Venture Bros. brought us a little more insight into 21’s character, kicked off a legitimate (and creepy) mystery, and resulted in some excellent Monarch scenes. I thought this episode stood out as exceptionally well-written, actually. Way to go, Doc Hammer!
Before the recap, I’ll add a couple of characters to the Dossier and flash back to 24’s death – this is, after all, your one-stop shop for Venture Bros. trivia.
Tim-Tom and Kevin – An evil pair of midgets who work for Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. Back when she was Lady Au Pair, they were known as the Murder Moppets, and she brought them with her when she came back to the Monarch. Right now, they’re officially the Pupa Twins, but they’re still referred to as the Moppets. They are significantly nastier than the Monarch’s standard henchmen, and they’ve even killed a few for minor slights. Last season, they hospitalized 24 by stabbing him in a disagreement. While Dr. Mrs. The Monarch treats them like children, they are adults and are sexually obsessed with her. (“I caught a glimpse of Mum’s panties, Kevin. Her clean, white panties.”)

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