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Venture Brothers – “Self-Medication” Venture Bro

I’ve never described a Venture Bros. episode as “star-studded” before, but this week brought us John Hodgman, Patton Oswalt, Seth Green, and a returning Brendan (Metalocalypse) Small as special guests. It was a big episode for Doc, and poor Sgt. Hatred fell apart at the seams. And yes, six weeks ago I never thought I’d say “poor Sgt. Hatred”. Jackson and Doc have done a fantastic job with a character who had everything working against him. Bring in a character with only a few appearances to replace the most popular character on the show, and then make him a pedophile to boot. There’s absolutely no way that should work.
That’s not to say that I’m not holding my breath for the return of Brock. On Jackson Publick’s blog, he said that Brock is returning “But not this week. Or next week.” He said that in a posting about last week’s “Revenge Society”, so I’ve taken that to mean that Brock is definitely coming back in the next episode. If not, I might cry. I am taking the lack of Brock only slightly better than Hank is.
This episode brings us several new characters, but there’s one returning character who needs his own dossier entry.
Action Johnny – There is one thing you have to know about Action Johnny: He is Jonny Quest. No, he’s not an homage or a parody or the Venture Universe version of Jonny Quest. He is straight up, the actual Jonny Quest.

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