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View-Do List – Schedule, Duh! (March 7-13)

Hi all!

So, how about that Charlie Sheen?  I think his stream of craziness has been well-documented, but I just want to say that his crazy-guy rants have been sort of beautiful in their way.  The amount of detail that flows out is really amazing – it’s almost poetry.  It’s not like Mel Gibson screaming hateful obscenities.  We’re getting weird concepts like tiger blood and Adonis DNA and armless children.  In fact, some people have suggested that this is all deliberate, and it’s like a modern day Andy Kauffman.  And by “modern day Andy Kauffman”, I mean “spiteful loon who sometimes did a good job acting but had nothing but contempt for their audience and were largely unbearable to watch”.  In that sense, I suppose they are quite similar. 
What does this have to do with the TV schedule?  Not much.  Just had to get it out of the way.  It’s a good way to cover for the fact that I don’t have anything to lead with.  Oh!  Wait!  I just want to mention that Steak ‘n’ Shake now offers hamburgers topped with a fried egg.  You might die if you eat one, but they are awesome.  And that’s a free plug – but if Steak ‘n’ Shake wants a Beloved Internet Personality to spread word of mouth about their deliciousness, they are more than welcome to call my people.  And for the record, “my people” are just me answering the phone in a different voice.

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