The Most Awesome Thing

Smell the Embarrassment!

We are in what the elders of our tribe call “The Dog Days of Summer”. We’re not sure what that means exactly, but we get the gist. For those of us indoorsy types, there’s not a lot of new programming to keep us occupied. Seriously, last week ABC pre-empted a new episode of the Bender: John Locke's Understudy of Awesomehilarious Better Off Ted in order to repeat the Bachelorette finale that had originally aired only the night before. That’s right, we missed out on Phil and Lem just so the thoroughly unlikable Jillian could make one last appearance on our screens and talk about how wonderful she is. Actually, between that and the lack of any new Wipeout, ABC did its best to ruin our week. We are not sure what we did to upset ABC, but it must have been something pretty serious. Possibly they think we stole something. We’ll do our best to get this straightened out, because we most certainly did not take anything. And while we don’t want anybody to think we’re rats, we can’t help but notice that Tommy Bohanna has been acting suspicious, and it probably wouldn’t be a waste of time to check his locker.
But even with all of that we managed to find some Awesome Things this Week, as our title suggests. Of course, possibly the most Awesome Thing, which we didn’t actually see since it was a contract negotiation, was that FOX signed the original Futurama voice cast to the new episodes currently in production. That’s right, FOX tried their best to get cheap soundalikes rather than pay the people who originated the characters. It was a scary couple of weeks, but everything worked out in the end. Frankly, nobody but John DiMaggio should ever get to say “Bite my shiny metal ass!”. And now, nobody will.
So what Awesome Things did we see? Read on!

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