The Most Awesome Thing

The Most Awesome Thing I Saw Last Week: Cell Phone in a Fanny Pack (Feb 3-9)

We here at Spunky Labs toil night and day to document and study that which is awesome.  There is a very specific mathematical equation involved to determine the exact level of awesome of any given item, and while we can’t divulge the specifics, we can tell you that the addition of Batman and/or John Locke causes the awesomeness of things to increase exponentially.  But those aren’t the only surefire winners, so let’s take a look at what rocked our respective worlds this week.

Well, I really, really want to write about Lost or 30 Rock. I mean, 30 Rock is virtually a shoo-in every week, and then this week they went and added Don Draper to the mix.  But instead, this week I’m going to focus on something that provoked a really unexpected emotional reaction in me.  Hear me out, and try not to make fun of me.

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