The Most Awesome Thing

The Most Awesome Thing I Saw Last Week: Goodbye, J.D.

John Locke: Patron Saint of AwesomeYou can tell we’re in the thick of May Sweeps, as the levels of Awesome have been steadily rising.  This week, we thrilled to Leslie Knope’s hilarious haircut, we were emotionally battered by House’s breakdown that culminated in a hookup, and the always delightful Dwight / Phyllis pairing got some much-deserved screen time.  Cat People were awkwardly pitted against Space People, the Reno Sheriff’s Department alienated the Vatican, and Batman piloted a giant robot.  Melissa Rivers lost her damn mind, Jack proceeded with “Operation:  Detonate a Hydrogen Bomb and Hope it Works Out”, and Locke scored the shock of the year when he announced his plan to kill Jacob. The Simpsons took apart Ayn Rand in just about four minutes, Jack Donaghy met his real father, and we learned that Coach’s loved one is his assistant coach.  You know, a guy he pays.  If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

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