The Most Awesome Thing

The Most Awesome Thing I Saw Last Week: “I Know Kung-Fu”

You know what?  No matter our differences, there is one thing on which we can agree.  We all like John Locke: Patron Saint of Awesomethings that are Awesome.   That’s right, it’s hard-coded into our DNA as a species.  There’s actually a perceptible, physiological change when we watch Jim and Creed play chess, or when we see Wolverine beat up a helicopter.  Could there be healthful benefits?  It’s possible, and if we get that grant we hope to present findings within the year.  In the meantime, while we can’t prove that learning who Daniel Faraday’s father is will boost your metabolism, is it really a chance you can afford to take?  No, no it isn’t.  Thus, you should make sure to watch a fried-scorpion Roadblock on the Amazing Race, just to be safe.
So what is it that Awesomed us up but good this week?  Read on…

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