The Most Awesome Thing

The Most Awesome Thing I Saw this Week (Dec 6-16)

It’s the oldest and truest of the Zen koans.  If awesome occurs, and spunkybean doesn’t report it, does it really occur?  Technically, yes.  Yes it does.  However, we hate the idea that you might have missed something awesome.  Thus, we scoured the airwaves to bring you the choicest of morsels.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about a Survivor finale.  Sure, I still enjoy the show, but so often the finale comes down to picking which of the two or three jerkasses left at the end is the least jerkassy.  Granted, there’s always a meltdown or two, but even those come off as desperate bids for attention these days.  But this season’s finale was a legitimate pleasure.  For the first time in, oh, five or six seasons now, we had somebody to root for:  Bob, the lanky 57-year-old physics teacher.
At the beginning, Bob seemed like the traditional Survivor cannon fodder.  But Bob had a surprise or two.  First, he made himself indispensable to tribal life.  Then, while the power players schemed themselves into a corner, Bob suddenly started winning challenges left and right.  And no kidding, he won those challenges with the power of science!  He made a fake immunity idol that looked better than the real one.  He kept hurt feelings to a minimum, and he managed to take down top contenders while never coming off as anything other than a sweet guy.

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