The Most Awesome Thing

The Most Awesome Thing We Saw Last Week: Farewell, Kuttner

John Locke: Patron Saint of AwesomeWelcome to a fresh week of things that are Awesome. As ever, we devote a good portion of our time to seeking out Awesome, and then snaring it in a butterfly net of words and pinning it to the corkboard we call the Internet. That is, if you feel like butterflies are the best personification of Awesome in the Animal Kingdom. Probably we should have picked something with horns or amazing jumping ability. Still, we consider our point made.
As Awesomeness goes, this week was full to bursting. Over on The Office, they turned what could have been a suicidal, shark-jumping storyline into comedy gold. Who could have guessed that taking Michael and Pam out of Dunder-Mifflin would have worked so well? Meanwhile, Amy Poehler and a great cast rocked Parks and Recreation, Benjamin “Benry” Linus faced judgment, and Amazing Race featured transvestite karaoke.

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