The Most Awesome Thing

The Most Awesome Thing We Saw This Week (January 13-19)

Although this week will go down in history as the week before Lost Season Five began.  Also, the Presidential Inauguration probably.  But the Lost premiere is 100% more likely to have polar bears, and thus automatically more awesome.
Still, this week was not without its own share of top-quality televisual entertainment.  Just to give you a hint, we watched one show this week that had a climactic scene set in what is described as “a hellish anal Catskills”, and that didn’t make the list!  So what was “Estrada” this week?  Let’s find out together!
My Most Awesome Thing last week was even better on second viewing, which it almost always is.  30 Rock continues to be the most outrageous, inventive and hilarious half hour on TV.

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