The Most Awesome Thing

The Most Awesome Things We Saw Last Week (Oct 28-Nov 3)

EJ –You call it Halloween, I call it Treehouse of Horror time.  That’s right, The Simpsons brought us their 19th annual celebration of horror.  What made this season’s installment notable, aside from the opener where a rigged voting machine stymies Homer’s attemps to vote for Obama, were parodies of two of my favorite things in the whole world.

The second segment, “How To Get Ahead in Dead-vertising” is a funny outing in which Homer is hired to kill celebrities so that their images can be used in commercials for free.  And yes, this means that Chief Wiggum and Edward G. Robinson finally get to fight it out.  There’s a vicious joke about Rip Taylor, and the immortal line “Kate Winslet’s murder paid for that chocolate fountain”.  But best of all is the opening sequence that’s a dead-on parody of Mad Men‘s credit sequence.  Same music, same animation, only with Homer standing in for Don Draper.  It’s perfectly executed and hilarious, and it makes me happy to see that Mad Men is widely known enough to be parodied by The Simpsons.

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