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The Most Awesome Things We Saw Last Week (Sept 20-26)

EJ – I sort of assumed that my inaugural entry would be about the season premiere of The Office, but there are some things you just can’t pass up.

Deep down, when you strip away all pretense, I’m a man of simple pleasures, and this week’s episode of House hit the right note.  Actually, it was one single scene that qualified for the Most Awesome Thing I Saw This Week.

Kutner (Kal Penn) has to force fluid through a corpse’s colon to see if he had any undiagnosed health problems.  Now, he’s feeding a tube through the dead man’s, well, pooper.  The corpse in question has that Y-shaped autopsy scar, and Foreman (Omar Epps) is helping out by pressing down on the guy’s stomach, so it doesn’t swell when the pressurized fluid races through his system.  As they tend to do, both guys lose focus when they get to arguing about just what exactly is wrong with House.  And then, the Awesome comes when the corpse’s stomach fills up with fluid and bursts.  The stitches pop and Foreman gets sprayed with a jet of corpse poo.  Go to and watch the episode “Not Cancer”, and try to decide whether to gag or laugh.  Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll rewind it so many times that you can do both.

Plus, after five seasons of moping, Foreman kind of earned a poo bomb.  Just saying.

Casey – I recently purchased the sadly overlooked, diamond in the rough known as “Undeclared” on DVD. Post “Freaks and Geeks,” “Undeclared” was Judd Apatow’s little show that could, but unfortunately, did not. Many carry on that “F&G” was one of the greatest shows ever to be dismissed by a network, and where I do agree with that fact, I find that Apatow’s next attempt was overlooked even by a large chunk of this then-growing fanbase. “Freaks and Geeks” only lasted one more episode than “Undeclared.” It must take 18 episodes to find a cult following. Both shows were hands down fantastic, but “Undeclared” holds a special place in my heart and always will. Maybe it’s because I was in college when it was released, so it’s nostalgia that has me hooked. Whatever the case, it’s my new favorite DVD box set. Fred Willard’s cameo alone should have been enough to make this thing stick. A professor who turns a history lesson into a theatrical, comedy piece? I could watch it repeatedly. I have. You all should show some respect. “Undeclared”…my favorite TV show no one was watching. Read Apatow’s liner notes before viewing, and it will make you root for this show like no other. If only we’d cheered sooner.

Myndi – If you don’t watch The Office, I don’t know what to do.  I can’t say I won’t talk to you or anything, because then I’d have to stop speaking to my own parents.  But, do you know what?  JIM AND PAM ARE ENGAGED!  That’s right, after months of letting that ring burn a hole in his pocket, Jim asked Pam to meet him “halfway” at Exit 17 off some Pennsylvania highway (She’s in New York for the summer at her graphic design internship).  As she approached him, in the pouring rain of a late August day, all ready for some chips & soda from the mini-mart behind them, Jim got on one knee and popped the question.  Was it sunset by the ocean?  At their favorite restaurant?  No, it was at that rest stop where the soda exploded on him.  Because he just couldn’t wait any more.  And you know what else? He surprised her, which was more awesome still.  And the absolute joy on his face when he got back to the branch?  Priceless.  This was only the greatest part on another stellar episode of this show.  I don’t know how many times I laughed out loud, but one of those times was when I found out all the names of the guys in Andy’s a capella group such as “Pubey Lewis and the News” and Andy’s own, “Boner Champ”.  It’s back, people!!  Off to watch it again…

Bonus Awesome!  Here’s the second most awesome thing I saw.

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