The Most Awesome Thing

The Most Awesome Things We Saw Last Week (Sept 27-Oct 5)

Maybe you’re new to this spunkybean feature.  ‘Tis OK …so are we.  In addition to our Friday breakdown of the best in pop-culture, we at spunkybean also want to ‘show’ you what some of the cool things happening on TV, the web, or mabye even in our own backyard (note:  there isn’t any backyard footage this week).  Lotta great stuff this past week and, yes, a bear wielding nunchucks.Don –

In keeping this ‘fair and balanced’, I really tried to find a McCain ‘Rick Roll’ but his people are old and out-of-touch, apparently, because there wasn’t one. Pity.  Sarah Silverman also cracked me up with her “Great Schlep”, but as usual, The Daily Show hit the home run in talking about Florida Jews. I imagine there was another point, but reaching the Jews in Florida seems to be last week’s “OJ Simpson” joke. This week’s “OJ Simpson” joke will actually be “OJ Simpson” jokes, however.

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