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The Most Awesome Things We Saw (the) Last (Two) Week(s) (Oct 6-19)

Sometimes we here at spunkybean write amazing recaps of our favorite shows, sometimes we write original articles inspired by pop-culture, and sometimes we simply serve as your roving reporter.  Once a week we do the latter and share with you the most awesome things we saw on television, at the movies, or on the web and give you something to talk about around the coffee house, or at least you’ll know what everyone else is talking about.  This week, people will be talking about Saturday Night Live.  This show has had stelllar ratings all season and the sketches have been strong enough to keep those viewers hanging on for more than the first 5 minutes.  Our “Most Awesome” feature is SNL heavy, and for good reason.

Myndi, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, must again cite SNL as last week’s ‘Most Awesome’ thing.  Surely that will change once the election ends, but Saturday, with Gov. Sarah Palin dropping by, this was good ol’ fashioned Must See TV.’

The Cold Open, in which Alec Baldwin mistook the actual Palin for Tina Fey (not to mention got Lorne Michaels to say he’d hosted the show “175 times”) was great, but Amy Poehler’s “Palin Rap” during update takes the cake.  This was so well-written and executed (and we don’t mean the moose Amy pretended to shoot) that we have watched it multiple times already.  Most awesome was probably Jason Sudeikis dressed up in a snowboarding outfit as Todd Palin.  And what a happy accident it was for the show to have a hugely pregnant woman rapping about the Republican VP Nominee, who just happens to have a pregnant teenage daughter!  And, Amy Poehler can flow.  Who knew?

Also on the episode, Mark Walhberg appeared to confront Andy Samberg about his impression of him two weeks ago.  It helped that Wahlberg got to promote his movie Max Payne in the process, but it too was well done and laugh out loud funny.

Keep it up SNL…but you better find someone to replace Amy soon.  That’s kid’s coming out live on air if you’re not careful.

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