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We’re still getting our faces striked off, but The Daily Show and The Colbert Report return without writers on Monday.This’ll be interesting – they’re both very funny comedians, but you can’t put together a half-hour of political satire by yourself.Also, as a Guild member, Stephen Colbert technically is prohibited from generating new material for a character. Since he does his show in character, this could be rough.He could just end up talking about Lord of the Rings for a week.Fingers crossed for my late night buddies.

Also, Dave and Conan are doing great jobs, and they both have crazy Strike Beards.Dave actually has writers, and he’s good and angry. Angry Dave is an interesting Dave.Conan, on the other hand, is free styling it, and it’s strange and wonderful.He’s hassling NBC pages, he spent a big hunk of time climbing the catwalk in his studio – it’s crazy and great, and you should be watching it.


And here’s what else you’ll be watching this week:



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