Dancing With the Stars–Season 12, Week 9 Performances

According to Tom, this week’s theme is stress! There will be instant dances! And who would believe all the weird celeb sightings? Casey Abrams! Nick Jonas! Kristin Chenoweth! Master P! Eh, that last one is questionable. How’d everyone do? Well, this is first final five in recent memory where I didn’t actively hate anyone, so there’s that.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas (29/30)–Chelsea and Mark had a talk about how him being a dick makes her look bad, although she puts it much more delicately. Their waltz started off with them lying on a beach or something?? I don’t know. It’s hard to find anything to nitpick with this couple when they’re not being insane and “edgy”. They’re just solid. Len said it was lovely, lyrical. Bruno said Chelsea shined like a jewel. Carrie Ann felt there was an added dimension to Chelsea’s dancing that earned perfection.

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