EJ’s Top 10 Series of 2010

In the end,7told a six-season story.  Were there loose ends?  Yes.  Were their false starts?  Yes again.  But it told a story driven by the creative team and not by network demands.  And for six years, those crazy bastards got something deep and rich and seriously weird onto our TV screens.  It was a show that had us freeze-framing the details, looking for anagrams, and researching philosophers and theoretical physics.  It was a show where polar bears were trained to turn a wheel that would send an Island jumping through space and time and put forth a pretty complex idea of how time-travel within one’s own timeline would work, and it was a hit.  Lost challenged the audience and made us work to keep up.  That’s pretty amazing, and it’s laudable.  TV’s not going to be the same without those guys.

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  1. Myndi Weinraub

    While I stand by my Top 10, I actually feel bad about Eastbound & Down and Louie not being on it! They are both so fabulous. And I know how much I’m missing out by not watching Breaking Bad…I will just have to hibernate with the DVDs one of these days, although it sounds like I may end up suffering from clinical depression if I do that.

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