EJ’s Top 10 Series of 2010

2.  Parks and Recreation – The best comedy of the year.  In fact, 2010 was the comedy equivalent of a perfect game – every single episode of Parks and Recreation was just stellar.  They didn’t miss a step all year.  Remember when The Office really started to come together?  That’s where Parks is right now – a sharp cast and excellent writers who are just firing on all cylinders week after week.  Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope is one of the most original female characters on TV – a feisty, well-meaning feminist who sincerely tries to make her community a better place, even when she’s in way over her head.  And this year, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) really emerged as one of TV’s funniest characters.  The director of the Parks Department who hates government and loves “pretty dark-haired women and breakfast food”, Ron turns his every line into a symphony of disgust.  (Nothing, and I mean nothing, is funnier than Ron insulting people.)  Aziz Ansari’s Tom Haverford is another delight, as a guy who basically can’t figure out why he is not Justin Timberlake.  Even Donna and Jerry, who spend most of their time in the background, make the most of their screen time and get some great gags.  (You know how Michael irrationally hates Toby on The Office?  Jerry is the world’s Toby.)  Week after week, Parks and Recreation is the best of the best.  When it returns on January 20, you should be watching it.  Provided you like things that are awesome.

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  1. Myndi Weinraub

    While I stand by my Top 10, I actually feel bad about Eastbound & Down and Louie not being on it! They are both so fabulous. And I know how much I’m missing out by not watching Breaking Bad…I will just have to hibernate with the DVDs one of these days, although it sounds like I may end up suffering from clinical depression if I do that.

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