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The Most Awesome Thing We Saw This Week (Jan 6-12)

So, we took a break for a couple of weeks.  There just, well, wasn’t really anything on TV during the holidays.  We’ve been subsisting on The Drinky Crow Show and the Dancing with the Stars Wii game.  And while assuredly, both are pretty awesome, we didn’t have enough to fill a feature.  But as of last week, our shows are starting to come back.  Whether they took a break for the holidays, or whether they’ve been gone for months, some of the old favorites stopped by to see how 2009 was treating us.
Sometimes the concept of “awesome” transcends mere distinctions of “good” and “bad”. Nip/Tuck doesn’t stop to ask questions like “Is this good?”  No, the boys of McNamara/Troy only ask “Is this awesome?”  If the answer is “yes”, then they’re going for it!  Last season ended with a deranged Sharon Gless going on a killspree, for Pete’s sake!

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