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The Amazing Race – Bringing up the Rear: Season 13, Episode 7 (Nov 14)

Previously on The Amazing Race: Nick and Starr continued to not have any problems at all and won their second leg in a row. Dan and Andrew (Team Eeyore) continued to make it seem like racing around the world is slightly less fun than being waterboarded. Kelly and Christie (Team Sports Bra) were plagued with bad taxi luck and some poor decisions, but Ken and Tina came in last after an awesome paint-related argument. This, however, was the first non-elimination leg of the season. Now they have to deal with a Speed Bump, an extra task that only they have to perform. By the way, the Speed Bump as the non-elimination penalty? Approximately one million times better than taking away all their money at the end of the leg.
And this episode is one of my favorites in a long time. Besides some hysterically bad choices, there are a couple of hilarious locals this week. Let’s check it out!
Starting the Race
Nick and Starr are first to depart. They have to head to an apartment complex to find a clue. Hey, I just realized this is one of the few episodes with no air travel. Anyway, the Spanglers talk about how they’re willing to tell lies if they have to, which seems weirdly out of context. Did they lie to somebody on their way out? “Hey, Phil! Your shoe’s untied. Psych!”

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