Amazing Race

The Amazing Race – Bringing up the Rear: Season 13, Episode 8 (Nov 24)

Previously on The Amazing Race: a Detour judge did his best to score his own spinoff, and some poor groundskeeper had to interrupt his work schedule to greet the Racers. Nick and Starr once again managed to win the leg, because they are at least half-Kryptonian, and Team Sports Bra was waylaid for good by a combination of bad travel luck and poor clue-reading. And Team Eeyore infuriatingly manage to just barely avoid being eliminated yet again.
Starting the Race
Nick and Starr get their marching orders, and they’re to fly to Kazakhstan and head to a chicken factory. Nick tells us that his vision of the future is getting bleaker and bleaker, which is odd for a guy that’s consistently in first place. I think he got traded to Team Eeyore or something. Team Wolf Too gets their clue shortly thereafter, and his mother forbids any and all Borat references. Hee. I love me some Borat, but a lot of people who really like the movie are sort of tools. It’s an awkward position to be in.

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