Amazing Race

The Amazing Race – Bringing up the Rear: Season 13, Episode 9 (Dec 1)

Previously on The Amazing Race, Dallas continued his attempts to flirt with Starr, primarily using the time-tested “stuttering and not making eye contact” method. Terence literally choked on the Fast Forward, with those Spangler kids coming in first place for the fourth consecutive time. Team Eeyore continued to suck, and managed to actually lose their shoes, which has to be some kind of record. Still, Terence and Sarah came in last and were eliminated to audible gasps.
Starting the Race – Nick and Starr leave the Pit Stop at 9:21. Their clue tells them to fly to Moscow, go to a monastery, and light a candle in church. Hey, it’s Nick’s birthday today. Anyway, they get tickets on the earliest flight. Toni and Dallas leave at 10:47 and get tickets on the same flight. Ken and Tina leave at 11:17 and are immediately snapping at each other, and Ken’s mad about how much the taxi costs.
In the airport, Dallas tells Starr how frustrated it is that she keeps winning. I’m sure that’ll win her heart. They sit together, with Dallas’ hand on her… inner thigh. In an interview, Nick tells us that Starr’s “Romantic history is riddled with guys who take the back seat…” Oh God “…to her forceful nature.” Whew! Anyway, Nick approves of Dallas. And then Dallas complains about all of her winning legs just long enough to make everybody uncomfortable.

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