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Big Brother 10: Live Eviction Week 3

Previously on Big Brother 10, Keesha vowed to turn the house upside down and Memphis uttered the phrase “old man” several times.  Jessie was losing weight from all the stress of being nominated.  Oh dear, how will this affect his muscle fibers?!

Julie Chen clearly hit Casual Corner for her sensibly chic beige ensemble.

After the POV meeting, several people seem bummed that Keesha didn’t put Libra up on the block.  Jessie immediately takes off his shirt.   Really.  He says he “didn’t break a sweat” while mugging for as many cameras as possible.  Michelle is clearly feeling the Big Brother cabin fever, as she’s sobbing about her two favorite people being nominated in both the storage and diary rooms.  Nice tramp stamp, by the way, Michelle.

Memphis is still ticked about the womanizer comment from Jerry.  I think Michelle actually suggested burning his Marine “shit” but there was a lot of beeping, so I can’t be sure.  All class, that one.  Angie has decided to start playing the game and is trying to sway Jerry’s vote.  He tells her he feels that Memphis, Jessie and Michelle were super cocky last week (no, you don’t say!), but he has nothing against her.  Michelle comes over to where Angie is lounging and asks after Jerry.  Angie stirs the pot and Michelle freaks the hell out, to the point where she has to gather herself before she can confront Jerry.  A big screaming match ensues between Jerry and Memphis, Michelle and Jessie, complete with finger pointing and the word “disrespect”.  Everyone sounds insanely self-righteous and ridiculous.

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