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Big Brother 10: Live Eviction Week 5 (Aug 15)

Previously on Big Brother, Jerry was a sanctimonious prick.  Keesha and Libra freaked out and Libra said she had to be more “sleuth” in her actions. In addition to a Bible, can we also give the contestants a dictionary and a thesaurus to thumb through?  It might benefit the viewing public.  Also, Dan’s shout-out to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s only made sense to those of us in Metro Detroit who know what “OLSM” is in the first place. 

Chenbot welcomes us to eviction night with her usual aplomb, and points out that Jessie’s “surprise” eviction led to a week of volatility and emotional outbursts.  Yes, that was certainly a new wrinkle this week, except for the part where it happens every damn day. She mentions that Michelle is a realtor, which I find humorous.  She also says Libra will need a miracle to survive tonight, leading into a montage of this weeks strategery.  As we watch the asinine speech Jerry gave at the PoV meeting for the third time, Libra DRs that he evidently did not get the Big Brother manual, and this is not the Marines.  I briefly hoped she was going to say that the rules do not state that the PoV holder gets to personally select the replacement nominee, so it still would have been up to Michelle had he taken Libra or Keesha off the block.  Renny thinks Jerry being a gasbag makes him look worse than Dan. 

In the HoH, Memphis and Michelle can’t believe what they just saw.    Memphis said he would have flipped out if it had been him, while Michelle points out that Jerry just put a big target on his back.  Here’s hoping.  Elsewhere, Libra apologizes to Dan, who pretends to be all wounded, but celebrates in the DR, excited for the sympathy Jerry’s nonsense is sending his way.

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