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Big Brother 10: Nominations and POV, Week 4

This week, we’re starting out a little slow, but if you guys are patient with me, we can get to some serious fireworks in last night’s show after we dispense with the relative pleasantries of Sunday’s HOH competition recap and nominations. 

We pick up right where we left off on Thursday, with all of the hamsters hanging off the “side of a building” over a “street”.   After a short time, Jerry is the first to jump down.  He’s not a target for anyone right now…why should he risk breaking a hip?  Libra bows out soon thereafter.  Dan DRs that he’s throwing it and gesticulates wildly before plunging to the ground.  Libra, who is no dummy, is pretty sure he threw it.  Ollie gives.  Apparently, he’s afraid of heights.  Wine, worms and heights.  This game is all about overcoming fears for Ollie, isn’t it?  Jessie can suddenly hold on no longer, and sniffs that the competition was bogus.  Well, sure it was.  Wearing a shirt was cumbersome for him!  Memphis caves.  Suddenly, we’re reminded of Dan’s storied history as a football coach, which qualifies him to give motivational speeches to the three remaining ladies.  Renny wants hers first.  As much as Dan is growing on me (like fungus), this does not change that fact that he is a horrible actor and speech giver.  He is the opposite of
Knute Rockne. Yet, everyone enjoys the speeches.  Mostly because they haven’t seen TV or other humans in nearly a month.

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