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Big Brother 10: Nominations and PoV Week 6 (August 20)


Following Libra’s ouster, Keesha is basking of the glow of being liked.  Easy there, Sally Field.  Everything’s relative in Big Brother.    April says that she didn’t know for sure if she had the votes to keep Libra, so she decided not to vote that way.  Whatever, chickie.  Michelle notes, as I did, that Libra did not hug her goodbye.  I can’t blame Libra, however.  Back out in the living room, Keesha thanks both Memphis and Jerry.  Renny thinks her color photo makes her look like a target amidst all the black and white photos of the evictees that surround her.  That logic is in the same class as Jen last season saying she was going to win because her picture was first.  These things are not relevant, people! 

We relive Renny’s Jeopardy-like HOH win (“Who is Brian?”) and see a little more of the “celebration”.  Renny gets serious and quiet in a hurry, and April stands around with a huge fake smile plastered on her face.  It’s like every bad pageant smile rolled into one horrific visage.  I’m actually scared.  Once inside, she and Ollie are commiserating on the couch, when Jerry slumps over to the other couch and just kind of stares at them like the creepy old dude he’s become.  The two love birds attempt to head for bed and some peace and quiet.  She’s essentially mounting him as they discuss strategy, which has to be a wee bit distracting for Ollie.  Jerry then shuffles in like an extra from Cocoon, and lies on the other bed, staring at the ceiling.  Where’d that obnoxious guy who screamed “Screw you people!” go?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  April and Ollie whisper to each other side by side about getting Jerry nominated.

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