Big Brother

Big Brother 11: Eviction, Week 1

It’s our first live eviction show of the season!Hi, Julie Chen!Hi, live audience inexplicably gathered together to watch the show on a monitor!The Voice-Over guy recaps the last week for us, but Myndi’s already take care of that.I will say that I’m still freaked out that they had a rave-themed food challenge, though.That’s just crazy.Anyway, Jessie (booo!) nominated Lydia the Tattooed Lady and Chima the probable Alien Spy.Russell attacked Jeff for no good reason, because strategy is not his strong suit.Anyway, Russell used the POV on Lydia, and Braden went up instead.(Not shown:Braden hurling racial slurs at Kevin, and then using them incorrectly anyway.He told Kevin, who is half-Black and half-Japanese to “Go back to Mexico”.Hee.)
Ronnie talks about what a great “schemer” he is, which is pretty hilarious.He doesn’t seem particularly bright, actually. Because he’s a geek, people assume he’s smart. But you can be a nerd without being a genius.

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