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Big Brother 11: Eviction Week 5 (Aug 13)

Previously, Jeff learned French.  Or at least how to pronounce Coup d’etat.  Russell and Chima screamed at each other, and Kevin put on his big boy pants and didn’t use the POV on Lydia.  You guys, I’m so excited for this episode, I can hardly stand it.

Holy crap, is Julie Chen pregnant.  Russell is wearing another in his parade of douchey hats.  Lydia has decided to dress and do her makeup like a normal person tonight, rather than looking like a Cosmo “Don’t”.

Flashback of Kevin not using the veto and Lydia shooting daggers at him.  I can completely understand Kevin’s rationale, by the way.  Chima is delighted that Russell “might” be leaving.  Lydia’s off sulking, and Jessie shows up, saying he’s scared of the wizard power, which Lydia poo-poos.  Next, there’s a montage of people speculating about who has the mystery power. Kevin pegs Jeff.  Jessie and Nat decide to spend the day outside with Jeff and Jordan in an attempt to schmooze them, as they figure it’s a safe bet it’s one of them.  Jordan promises to figure out what’s up with that, “eventually”.  God Bless her, she just needs time.

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