Big Brother

Big Brother 11: Finale Part 2!

Julie starts by asking Kevin about Jordan breaking her Final Two deal with him, and he admits it’s a smarter move.  He says he’s not mad and it’s a game.  How uncharacteristically mature mature for a Big Brother Houseguest!  Then Julie asks about Kevin evicting Michele, thinking Jordan would help him get rid of Natalie and he’s all, “Julie, why are you asking me that!”, but he’s very good humored about everything.  I guess it’s all good considering that he won some cash, and, as he points out, some fashion.  In regard to his black and yellow plaid with red pinstripe shirt and vest combo, I must say it’s nice to see the hot styles from my 8th grade year are back in style!  Kevin says he’s been applying since Season One and this is a dream come true, so he’s fine.  (Wait, people applied for Season One?  I thought those poor chumps were forcibly abducted. – EJ) Kevin thinks strategy should be the deciding factor in who wins the game.  In the goodbye messages, Jordan kisses Kevin’s butt about how she would have lost to him and Natalie gives the only pleasant goodbye to anyone she’s given this whole summer.

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