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Big Brother 11: Nominations and Veto, Week 2

Previously on Big Brother:Ronnie was a weasel, Braden misapplied racial slurs, Lydia freaked out for reason that could not possibly make sense to anybody who isn’t Lydia.Laura told us how beautiful she is, Chima looked like an alien, Casey was a tool, and Jessie was exactly who he’s always been.Jeff was a little dim but also awesome, Michele and Natalie didn’t bother appearing onscreen, Kevin was hilarious, Russell sucked, and Jordan flashed the camera a whole lot during the live feeds.Braden was the season’s first evictee, Ronnie won Head of Household, and the hamsters have only begun to lose their minds.
We open with blue-tinted footage of the eviction, and Casey explains that he is upset.You guys, does Casey’s voice make anybody else crazy?I feel like he’s doing a character, because there’s no way he talks like that all the time.Oh, also if you’re 41 years old, federal law prohibits you from wearing a baseball cap backwards.Lydia is smug in the Diary Room, because smug and victimized are the only two emotions in her arsenal.Ronnie tries to convince Jordan that Michele’s the one who flipped, and here’s where we know Ronnie’s a dumbass.See, he’s decided that he’s happier sucking hind teat on the athlete clique than in trying to weaken their base.This will not end well for Ronnie.

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