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Big Brother 11 — Nominations and Veto, Week 3

Previously on Big Brother:Ronnie proved to be an incompetent schemer, and also kind of socially retarded.Uniting the house against him, he just got exasperated and hid in the HoH bedroom.Ron Burgundy was evicted almost unanimously.Oh, wait.That was Laura.Geez, I’m really bad at this.Jessie won HoH again, which is somewhat irksome, but it means cliquemate Jeff is safe.That’s pretty much all we’re looking for these days.
In the Diary Room, Jeff tells us how happy he is that Jordan is safe.Those two are adorable together.Ronnie whines about how everybody hates him now, conveniently forgetting that he actually brought that about with his own actions.Oh, then Jessie is smug about being HoH, and talks about himself in the third person.Yeah, he’s that guy.Ronnie’s got a distracting cowlick in the Diary Room.I wonder if he and the other Little Rascals are going to put on a show!
Kevin and Casey talk about how they’re bad at challenges, and they’re not sure if Ronnie is going home or not.Casey’s hat appears to say “Wingle”, which is very distracting.Russell and Jessie whisper about a “plan”, and Jessie tells the Diary Room that he doesn’t feel like nominating Ronnie.Then Russell says he made a secret deal with Ronnie, and they do in fact show Russell telling Ronnie that it’s all an act.Russell and Natalie decide they want Casey out.Geez, they’re easily distracted.

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