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Big Brother 11: Nominations and Veto, Week 8

Previously on Big Brother:Jeff sent Russell home, and he faced this setback with the gentle good humor that you might expect.Kevin and Natalie promised Jeff he wouldn’t be nominated if they won Head of Household, and for the first time in weeks, Jeff fans have been nervous.It’s not a good feeling.
We pick up where we left off, with everybody but Jeff trying to transport enough liquid into a fish bowl to float their marshmallow over the top.I know that sounds like a euphemism, but it really isn’t.Jeff’s laughing hysterically when people fall, because it’s funny when that happens.I would laugh too, frankly.Michele is worried, since she has no allies right now.It’s mostly running and falling for several minutes, highlighted by Jordan’s attempts to create the word “slipperier”.Hey, my spell check thinks that is a word, actually.I could have sworn the correct form was “more slippery”, but there you go.Still, it’s funny when she tries to pronounce it.
Natalie sees that Kevin is doing well, so she decides she doesn’t need to try anymore.She claims it’s because she doesn’t want anybody to know that she’s a “strong competitor”.Yeah, after eight weeks of sucking up every single competition, you don’t get to pretend that it’s your strategy.Admit that you suck at life and move on.

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