Big Brother

Big Brother 11: Nominations and Veto, Week Five

Previously on Big Brother:Ronnie was evicted, Jeff won the secret Coup D’etat, and Chima won a stint as Head of Household in a week when her nominations can be overturned.So basically, it was pretty great.
Tonight, Magic Voice promises “an unexpected visitor”, and brother, he ain’t kidding.
Back in the past, Michele is tickled that Ronnie didn’t even make it to the Jury, which makes me happy.Jeff is also happy, while Jessie is upset at the loss of his “wingman”.Like when J-Dogg totally disappeared before the second season of The Pick-Up Artist?Regardless, I am thrilled not to have to deal with that dude any more.(Ronnie, not J-Dogg.Well, also sort of J-Dogg.)Anyway, they all whisper about who might have the mystery power, and were I Jeff, I would have totally giggled there.

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