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Big Brother 11: Nominations, Week 6

You know, we usually handle the Sunday and Tuesday episodes of Big Brother as a single recap.There are a variety of reasons for this, but the main one is that Myndi recapped every single episode of Season Nine, and it very nearly destroyed her.Three recaps a week featuring James and A-Balla – that’s corporal punishment right there.But in case you haven’t heard, some freaky things happened after the nominations.Tuesday’s episode is going to focus on the epic meltdown, and that’s going to need its own recap, I think.Plus, Sunday’s episode was hilarious.Also, Myndi’s on vacation this week, and she can’t tell me what to do!
Now, the next couple of episodes should give us a lot to think about, but one thing occurred to me.People say that the producers manipulated the Coup D’etat by giving Jeff a sympathetic edit, thus influencing America’s vote.Here’s my question:Why do the producers care?They have no vested interest in making Jeff look good.This scenario is a mobius strip where Jeff gets a good edit because viewers like him, but they like him because of the sympathetic edit, and there’s no beginning point.Now, most reality shows are in the can before the first episode airs, so the editors can plot out their arcs.If you know that Colin’s going to have a massive breakdown in episode eight, you include footage in earlier episodes that indicates he might be a little intense.

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