Big Brother

Big Brother 11: The Poop Hits the Fan

Previously on Big Brother:Oh, heck.There’s so much craziness tonight, I don’t have time to look at the past. Let’s live in the now!Or, you know, the stuff that actually happened on Saturday and Sunday.
After the nominations, Michele assures us that she really likes Chima “as a person”.Man, Michele has not been paying attention.Russell and Jordan congratulate Michele on her nominations.Jordan hates how whiny and rude the nominees are, which is reasonable.Jeff enjoys that, for a change, he gets to hang out in the HoH room and be happy about the nominations.
In the Red Room of Misery, Chima tells Lydia, Kevin, and Natalie that she’s going to leave.Kevin tries to convince her that a better move might be to win POV.Speaking of the POV, some time later we hear Magic Voice tell them that “The Lockdown is over”, which made me think of Oz for just a minute.Allowed to go outside again, they now have what looks like a miniature golf hole in the yard.Kevin explains that sometimes they get a “practice version” of an upcoming challenge, which kind of blows my mind.Kevin heads to the Red Room to wake up Chima and encourage her to practice.When Chima goes outside, Magic Voice asks her to put on her microphone.She flips off Magic Voice, which is not cool, and refuses to wear her required mic pack.We get a montage of Chima ignoring Magic Voice on other occasions, as early as Day Six.Interestingly, there’s a clip where she is promising to “act up” if Jeff has the Coup D’etat.So, probably a wise move not to air that one live.Of course, having everybody gather early that night probably tipped them off as to what was about to go down.

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