Big Brother

Big Brother 11: Veto and Eviciton, Week 9

Previously, Natalie was the least excited woman ever to be engaged and just generally sucked out loud.  Let’s get on with the torture, shall we?  Live in the studio, Julie is dressed in some bright blue jacket that could be seen at any establishment in Boca Raton.

Reflecting on Natalie’s nomination speech, we are reminded that she is a horrible actress when she gives Kevin her reasoning for his “nomination”.  In the DR, Kevin says he’s in on the ruse with Natalie, but he’s also planning on getting her out at his first opportunity.  They even take their little argument out into the yard following nominations, so as to further impress upon Jordan that they are no longer aligned.  In the DR, she thinks it is either too good to be true, or meant to be.  Kevin sits down to commiserate with her, and Natalie goes up to the HOH and says (to herself) that it “went good” while still wearing that robe with “HOH” emblazoned on the back.

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