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Big Brother 12: Eviction Week 2

Previously on Big Brother: Britney managed to win the Veto and take herself off the block. Matt volunteered to go up in his place. Purported MENSA member Matt also made up a story about his wife having a disease that affected her bones, down in the “cortex”. That’s how you can tell Matt is smart – he married a woman who has auxiliary brains inside her individual bones! Also, Brendon’s vibe got seriously creepy, and Enzo is a walking stereotype.
OK, my local CBS station is starting off with breaking news about a Tornado Watch, causing me to miss the official “previously” segment. Hey, you tell me when there’s a warning. Until then, it is Big Brother time! Also, probably because of the interruption, the sound sync is off by several seconds. It’s crazy and very hard to watch. I hear things about three seconds before anybody’s mouth starts to move. Creepy, right?
We begin with people talking about the HoH ceremony, and Monet is mad! Then, Matt and Lane celebrate that their plan is working out. You know, the plan to get Matt on the block. And they are practically jubilant about this! Do they know how this show works? Or what a “plan” is? Out of the four Brigade members, there’s about half a brain between them. Monet complains to Britney about how she wants to hit Rachel, and both she and Britney are convinced that Rachel is a stripper. Do they get spunkybean in the house? Unfortunately, it’s almost the exact same conversation they had yesterday, so while Britney got a good line in last time, now it’s just a rehash. Get new material, Britney! Matt joins in to commiserate, and he acts like he’s all upset about being nominated, then gloats in the Diary Room about what a genius he is. Well, it’s all those extra cortexes.

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