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Big Brother 12: Snap Judgments!

Hard to believe, but we’re heading into Season 12 of Big Brother.  And with each passing season, the producers are trying harder and harder to push that whole “expect the unexpected” thing to the limit.  Never mind that none of their supposed “twists” has ever really played out the way they hoped; they will not be deterred!  This season, there will be a “saboteur” in the house whose being paid to be there, aside from the $500,000 prize.  Apparently, this will be vastly different from the whole “America’s Player” debacle a few seasons back.  We’ll be honest, we’re just waiting to see how quickly our old buddy Jeff from Season 11 shows up to host a competition.  The over-under is at three weeks.What follows is another round of EJ & Myndi’s famous snap judgments, based on only the houseguests’ bios and the short videos that accompanied them on the CBS site.  Keep reading if you want to see who we think seems cool and who seems like they’ll make us want to throw things at the TV! Plus, can anyone hazard a guess as to who the saboteur is?

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