Big Brother

Big Brother 12: Week One Elimination

Wow, Julie Chen is wearing a really cool, tight dress to prove, once and for all that is definitely not pregnant.  She looks hot, actually. Go, Julie!  She promises to reveal the identity of The Saboteur.  In other news, I am sad that the announcer actually references The Brigade by name multiple times.

After nominations, Hayden continue to shout at the camera in the DR about Annie getting her gun and going and Britney says Annie is a psycho as well as rabid mountain lion. Brendon consoles Rachel.  Annie starts lashing out at Brendon, who goes outside to apologize to Britney for how she got yelled at after the veto ceremony. Matt & Enzo congratulate themselves and The Alliance Who Shall Not Be Named for orchestrating everything.  Annie later cries to Brendon about how she’s going home, and he sweetly consoles her, but not in that way exactly.  We also see Annie’s secret to being thin, as she actually puts down a bowl of ice cream when she’s sad.  That would not happen in my house.

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