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Big Brother 9: Eviction – It’s a New Game (Mar 6)

In honor of the big news revealed tonight that Big Brother:Till Death Do You Part would be taking a turn, starting now, we’re going to try something new with these recaps.

I think we’re friends, so I can share with you all.  These people were exhausting me, and I was running out of bleach with which to wash my brain after each of my three weekly recaps.

So, going forward, we’re going to have a weekly wrap up on spunkybean, rather than a play-by-play of these meatheads.  I have to think of my health, people.
The week began with Joshuah developing a rather sudden and intense vendetta against Allison. It seemed to come on pretty much the second he and Sharon won HOH and celebrated like the nutjobs they are.  Funny, he didn’t seem all that perturbed when Allison first came clean about the whole lesbian relationship she and Sheila didn’t actually have.  But, the minute that he was drunk with power, he pulled one of his infamous shit fits that seem to come on completely unprovoked.  He thinks he’s rather clever for all of his “pot-stirring”.  i just think he’s a tool.

She completely unraveled in the face of this craziness, and perhaps, all the time Josh spends shirtless. It’s pretty disturbing.  I go back and forth in my thinking that Allison is way above all of this and was dragged down by the overall immaturity of her scuzzy housemates, or that she’s just as wacked out as the rest of them, but just more well-spoken.

That brings me to the worst part of Joshuah’s reign of terror.  It’s hard to listen to him speak.  He doesn’t exactly sound like Mushmouth, but it’s that way of speaking that Tom Brokaw has, where he sort of swallows his “L”s, coupled with a southern accent.  It drives me up a wall.  And with him playing such a key part in all of this week’s happenings, I had to hear him speak way too much.

That changed tonight, when we weren’t even subjected to a useless HOH chat with he and Sharon. And once the big twist was announced–the remaining houseguests would now be playing the game on their own–it looked like he might just puke right there in the living room.  Now it’s pretty clear that he’s played his hand too soon, as this suddenly went from end game to new game in a New York minute.

So, after all the maneuvering and red herrings this week, we knew who the evictee would be the second she was nominated.  No one liked Allison, and she and Ryan were evicted.  BUT WAIT!  Then the door locked and the siren sounded!  The individual game began with a live vote, and Allison was still gone, with a resounding 6-0 vote.  See ya, Al.  Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

The second part of the big twist is that one of the now six evicted houseguests will get to return, thanks to an audience vote.  My guess is either Alex or Sideshow Parker, who were both victims of an annoying partner.  Sadly, Kaysar from BB7 was not an option, though he may still win.

And then there’s the saddest situation in this house, which just got way more interesting.  Matty and Natty.  They were soulmates, just ask her.  She followed him everywhere like a puppy, and convinced herself that he didn’t want to give her a massage or snuggle in bed with her because he got too turned on by her.  Yes, that happens all the time.  Well, they pulled it together in the puzzle solving veto competition (despite Allison’s psychotic screaming at Ryan, which must have given him fond memories of Jen) and saved themselves from the block. Poor, deluded Natalie saw it as doing something to please Matt.  Oy.

How does Matt, in fact, show Nat his appreciation?  Well, by making out with Sharon in the HOH of course!  And hiding from Nat when she comes to look for him!  The cool thing is that Sharon‘s hip to whole thing, and hopefully won’t be the second girl to fall hopelessly in love with the roofer from Beantown.  He fancies himself the master strategist in the house, and, at this point, he doesn’t have a whole lot of competition, which really isn’t saying much.  Adam’s inexplicably still there, after all.

I do have to give him credit for putting up with Natalie, though.  I’m not saying Matt’s blameless, here.  He did kiss her and, by all accounts, let her do some “undercover work”, but I think he realized rather quickly that this girl was super needy and he had to try and shut her down.  In the real world, he’d just be able to dodge her calls and go to different bars.  But, being stuck in the Big Brother house, he has to at least fake being her friend.  I think he’s been doing a good job of not strangling her, honestly.  Now that the couples game is history, and perrenial nominee Ryan is HOH, let’s see what happens next.

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