Big Brother

Big Brother 9 – Episode 2

Big Brother 9We open up on a black and white shot of last night’s “Power Couple” competition for the viewers with very short memories or who may be blackout drinkers.  Jen and Parker won. In the DR, Parker refers to he and Jen as “Brad and Angelina”, which, nice try, but no.

Back out in the yard, Adam and Sheila are talking with Matt and Nat; now there’s a brain trust! Adam alludes to the fact that if he wins the show, he’d like to build a hair salon for the special needs children he works with, which is, I’m sure, at the top of their list of goals. But Adam decides to drive the point home by saying, “ya know, so the retards can get it together and get their hair done.” Alrighty, then. I’m not very well-versed in the grooming needs of autistic kids, so maybe there’s a big issue with salons being too loud or hectic for them, but I have never heard anything of this nature. Please, someone educate me. Predictably, Sheila goes nuts at the word “retards” and Matt and Nat are not completely comfortable either. But, of course, she has to make a federal case and relates the story back to all the girls, followed by confronting Adam in the kitchen. On one hand, he probably shouldn’t have said it, because it sounds classless, even though he feels he should be able to “call them whatever he wants, since he works with them all day”, but on the other hand, she’s totally blowing it out of proportion. Eh, they’re both pretty annoying.

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