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Big Brother 9: Nominations – Wk 2 (Feb 26)

Is it just me, or do a heck of a lot of these people have giant teeth?

After we are reminded of the late, great Jen and Sideshow Parker, Ryan says he’s in the game for himself and Jen, who, of course, was executed immediately upon leaving the house.  Allison is excited for she and Ryan to “grow (their) relationship…and friendship”.  Just keep telling yourself that, hon.  Natalie blows kisses at the grayed-out pictures and says “love you guys!”  Give me a break.

At the HOH competition, we cut to a shot of Alex and Amanda, who look shell-shocked.  They knew their only shot at safety was Matt and Nat winning, and certainly not James and Chelsia, who led the attack around the hot tub, of which we are reminded.  Amanda tells us this result in the HOH is “no bueno”.

When the hamsters are let back inside, they discover that the cups are already gone, per the majority answer in the competition.  Ever the Rhodes scholar, Matt tells us that “cups are a very essential part of life.  You use them for drinking and whatnot.”  Thank you, Vinny Barbarino.

Josh tells Sharon about Super Mega Lesbos Allison and Sheila.  He explains that they have been able to go undetected because “Lesbians can conceal it a lot better than gay guys.”  What is “it”?  Is there some kind of extra appendage I don’t know about?  Please, Joshuah, educate me.

When the hamsters head into the HOH room, Sheila is moved to tears by the pictures of Chelsia’s family.  I love how these people get so incredibly maudlin after just a couple weeks.

Natalie and Matt have separate talks with James and Chelsia about not getting nominated.  I’m sure that won’t be important later or anything.

And now the brain trust of Ryan, James and Adam discuss “Operation Condor”, a complex scheme these geniuses have cooked up to “take the top shelf” off the memory wall.  Which consists of two couples, one of whom is already gone.  Really, it’s a massive undertaking, this.

Amanda is shown initiating a talk with Joshuah wherein she “forgives” him for losing his mind by the hot tub.  She actually says “I’m sorry for making you snap.”  He graciously accepts…or something.  She then drags him into a “secret alliance” to the final three, since she figures no one will ever suspect the two of them to be in cahoots.  I am left befuddled and badly in need of a drink.

In what I can only imagine is setting up some sort of a bigger story, we see Natalie telling Amanda, and then the audience in the Diary Room, how much she likes Matt.  She thinks it must be significant that they both want to “5 to 7 kids”.  Well, thats seals it, then!  She and her enormous fake boobs tell us that he “puts naughty thoughts in my head” and then compares she and Matt to the couple in
The Cutting Edge in that the don’t want to admit they like each other.  Wait a sec, that makes her dad John Locke! She says this over a sequence of herself naked in the tub, practically begging him to come in and pork her right there.  He takes a pass. Natalie, may I suggest a little book called He’s Just Not that Into You?

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