Big Brother

Big Brother 9 – Power of Veto

OK, kids. I’ve decided that this season of Big Brother, more than any one before it, is like a college dorm, or perhaps a co-ed boarding school, but for only the dumb kids. These people are starting to drive me batty with all the petty b.s. so early in the game.

Amanda tells us that Jen and Parker and Ryan and Allison are nominated because they have a “double advantage”. I don’t even know what that is. Parker DRs that Jen is both “cocky” and an “idiot”. Allison is pretty confident that she won’t be going home because Jen is apparently Satan. She talks with Ryan and he reassures her that he’s with her and if he talks to Jen, it’s only because he feels bad for her. Allison wants “daily confirmation” and she follows him around for a few minutes. She is definitely pretty annoying.

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