Big Brother

Big Brother 9: Thoughts (Mar 13)

Well, it’s been one hell of a crazy week in the Big Brother house, hasn’t it?  Once the shackles of coupledom were broken, Matt could drop the facade of actually caring about Natalie, but “Chatty Natty” didn’t let that phase her much.  Sure, she has her brief moments of clarity when she realizes Matt treats her like shit and she momentarily stands up for herself, but all he has to do is look into her eyes and tell her they’re partners and she’s putty.  She came closest to growing a backbone when she got wind of Matt and Sharon’s make-out session (wonder if she’d agree with Sharon’s poor assessment of Matt’s kissing abilities?), but when Matt threatened to move out of their bed, she waffled again. I imagine this is what it was like with Bill and Monica in the oval office.

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