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Big Brother Breakdown–And Then There Were Two (April 24)

There wasn’t really a lot of action to speak of this week in the Big Brother house, as we were down to our Final Four.  So, let’s briefly recap what we have learned from the hamsters in the last week.

Ryan told us that with Natalie’s exit, Team Christ died and “will never be resurrected.”  I applauded.

Ryan and Sheila actually pondered the idea that they might be distant relatives after the HOH competition question last week about another pre-existing relationship in the house.  Based on tonight’s admission that she lied about her bad back in the previous HOH that Sheila won, I also think Sharon threw said competition, putting her faith in Ryan to take her along.

Robot Adam is more annoying than original recipe, but he is a lot easier to understand.

Adam and Sheila’s bickering and his frequent name-calling was apparently for show, according to Sheila’s Chenterview.  Though it was hard to be sure that’s what she was saying amidst the uncontrollable sobbing and whining.

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